Our company specializes in custom kitchen design. When we were founded, our team of specialists embarked on a quest for innovation and offers you creative, ingenious decors. We provide a wide range of quality custom products for every taste and budget. Every kitchen we deliver boasts a harmonious and practical design and no details are left to chance.


Our team of specialists offers personalized services for the design and transformation of your bathroom. Our wide range of products allows you to create a room that’s elegant, sophisticated and practical, while offering you storage space suited to your needs. Our goal is to offer you a bathroom that combines style and usability.

Professional furniture

Whether you want to organize a space or design a wall unit, our built-in furniture is custom-designed to suit your specific needs. We have furniture that meets your requirements and budget. Regardless of the type of establishment—restaurant, bar, lounge, hotel, library or office space—we are able to fulfill your requirements. We can meet all your needs, while complying with your design specifications, your decor and, above all, your budget.


Commercial projects

LNG CUISINE Inc. is your ideal partner for commercial projects of any size. We are prepared to deliver your commercial renovation and construction projects quickly. By teaming up with our company, you’ll benefit from productivity and simplicity and your deadlines will be met. Put your project in our hands!

Your dream kitchen within reach!